Primary Data Collection

Don’t waste time! Gather only the information you need and write a comprehensive gender analysis – fast.

You want to show the richness and nuance in gender and power relations. In a crisis, so many things are changing!

But if you try to capture everything, it will take forever. And it’s not fair to ask women who are suffering through a crisis to spend so much time on interviews, surveys, focus groups and consultations.

Rapid Gender Analysis – the standard approach for humanitarian response – helps you get to the heart of what you need. You don’t waste anyone’s time – including yours.

This course is about how you collect your own data, and how you analyse data you’ve collected.

It helps you to:

  • Reduce assessment fatigue and honour affected people’s priorities and commitments
  • Get a rich picture of the situation, quickly
  • Avoid duplicate data collection – saving time and money
  • Work with non-gender specialist assessment teams
  • Demonstrate your expertise by focusing on the most critical tools and information
  • Gain a seat at the table with programme managers, sector experts and senior managers
  • Write compelling reports, getting more impact for your work, and more visibility for gender as an issue

This course is special because you:

  • Learn the agreed standard for the humanitarian sector – Rapid Gender Analysis
  • Learn from the people who created Rapid Gender Analysis
  • Learn using an approach that has worked for over 1000 learners like you
  • Learn to apply your skills in a new situation, with a realistic scenario
  • Support and learn from one another with community discussions and peer feedback
  • Work in a structured yet flexible way – no day-long webinars, but with weekly tasks to keep you accountable.


  • Practical training with weekly tasks and live webinars, working on your real life work context (or a case of your choice)
  • Language: English
  • Start date: 04 November 2024
  • Duration: Four (4) weeks
  • Effort per week: Four to six hours per week (~ 20-24 hours total for the course)
  • Cost: $350 USD
  • One 90-minute weekly webinar, on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. UK time
  • Certificate: Certificate of achievement if you complete the course tasks to a moderate standard


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