GiE Collective

The best minds in one place

The best minds on Gender in Emergencies in one place

The GiE Collective brings together the most experienced gender equality advisors working  in the humanitarian space. It is a feminist consultancy service that makes GiE expertise available to everyone.

Dr Elisa Martinez
Zeynep Topalan
Sue Finucane
Mireia Cano
Alio Namata
Delphine Brun
Siobhan Foran
Merrin Waterhouse
Holly Robinson
Fatouma Laouan
Dr Fatma Zennou
Mariangela Bizzarri

GiE Assignments

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With the GiE Collective it’s easy to get the best minds on Gender in Emergencies working for you.  Simply submit an assignment to GiE Group’s humanitarian surge advisor to bring together a tailored team to meet your needs and a dedicated programme manager to manage the process. The GiE Group quality assurance guarantee ensures high quality, on-time product delivery.

GiE Brainstrust

The GiE Braintrust is a simple idea: Put the world’s leading  gender in emergencies experts in a room together, task them with identifying and solving the biggest problems on GiE, and encourage them to be candid.  Then give their innovations and solutions some ‘legs’ - including them in client proposals and reports, presenting them in conferences and panels, and publishing them in peer newsletters and humanitarian journals.  Change happens when the best ideas travel.

Are you an expert on Gender in Emergencies? Please get in touch!

Gender Practitioner Working Groups

Gender Marker Practitioners Working Group works across the sector with technical experts wherever they sit from local to global from NGOs to donors. The GiE Group co-chairs this group along with the International Organisation of Migration and PLAN International.

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