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Helping humanitarians to put gender equality into practice

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The Gender in Emergencies Group is a social enterprise working on gender in humanitarian action. We make equality training and expertise available to everyone at an affordable price. We then reinvest the majority of funds generated back into advancing gender equality in emergencies. Together we can help make gender equality a reality.

Isadora Quay
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If you've worked in humanitarian contexts in the last 10 years, you know about Isadora Quay even if you've never heard her name. Our Chief Executive created Rapid Gender Analysis, the CARE Gender Marker, initiated the Fatima Light App, and the Women Lead in Emergencies approach. She is, quite simply, a force of nature. Her work is used by the United Nations, universities, NGOs, and civil society. For the past decade, Isadora developed CARE International's work on Gender in Emergencies. Isadora speaks French and teaches at Science Po, Paris. With a passion for business as well as social justice, Isadora led the Gender in Emergencies Training Institute for seven years, which generated an 8x return on investment and provided learning to over a thousand people.

Kathleen O'Brien
Director of Talent, Partnership and Consultancies
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Kathleen O’Brien is a founder and Director of the Gender In Emergencies Group and draws upon more than 3 decades working in international development and humanitarian assistance. In that time she has held senior leadership roles in HR, Marketing, Communications, and Program Management.  

Since 2012 she has identified specialists to support urgent crises around the globe more than 1500 times.  Kathleen’s overall strengths lie in social justice program management.  With a particular talent for relationship-building and finding win-win solutions, she has led significant growth (size, scope, sophistication) in every senior role she has held.Always passionate about making a difference, Kathleen is adept at engineering positive outcomes for stakeholders tackling situations of adversity.  

As a Director in the GiE Group she aims to add value to the experience of both clients and gender specialists as they work together for a more equal world.She is committed to responsiveness at speed and believes that relationships of trust are what make everything work. She holds an Honours degree in French and Spanish Literature from Carleton University, Ottawa, and speaks English, Spanish and French.

Kathleen's superpower is identifying and matching talent to needs in complex emergencies.

Greg Jack
Director of Training
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Greg creates learning experiences that actually work. Ones where the learners can actually do their job better at the end – not just have listened to some good ideas. When it comes to gender, lots of people see it as vague, impractical or a “nice-to-have” – so courses have to be very clear and specific about what they need to do and how to do it. Greg’s been creating those experiences for over 15 years – since he realised that helping others do their jobs better was one of the best ways to make a difference. He was the global lead for capacity building for a top INGO. He’s trained security guards and CEOs, from Guatemala to the Philippines, founded the GiE Training Institute initiative and designed the courses that have given more than a thousand people a new approach and new tools for gender in emergencies.

Our Partners

The Challenges Group

The GiE Group is supported and funded by the Ventures Lab: a Scottish Government initiative to empower entrepreneurs from ideas to action. The GiE Group is part of the first cohort of organisations to be supported in this way.  

Cabinet Nitsouwa

Cabinet Nitsouwa is the GiE Group’s sister organisation based in West Africa. Cabinet Nitsouwa is an amazing women-led consultancy group based in Niger. They specialise in gender equality in emergencies and development, particularly in the Sahel and in the Lake Chad basin. The team works in French and in English.

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