Gender Markers

See how well gender is integrated into humanitarian projects – at a glance.

Picking apart how well gender is integrated into humanitarian work has been an involved process with a lot of subjectivity.

With gender markers, you can reduce the subjectivity, and get a quick overview of what’s going on in an individual project.

And when you do it for many projects, you can see how a whole project portfolio is doing.

In this course, you’ll use several different gender markers, so you can do it easily and reliably.

It helps you:

  • Rate projects quickly and easily
  • Use several different markers – and know the difference in how they’re used.
  • Show your organisation knows what it’s doing when it comes to gender
  • Look competent in front of donors and HQs
  • Have productive discussions with your colleagues about gender – whether you’re a gender advisor talking to sector colleagues or vice versa

This course is special because you:

  • Use gender markers, not just learn about them
  • Compare different markers
  • Can fit the course work around your schedule
  • Learn from people who created Gender Markers for different agencies
  • Learn using an approach that has worked for hundreds of learners like you
  • Apply your skills in new situations and in your own work
  • Support and learn from one another with community discussions and peer feedback
  • Work in a structured yet flexible way – no day-long webinars, but with weekly tasks to keep you accountable.


  • Practical training with weekly tasks and live webinars, using Gender Markers
  • Language: English
  • Start date: 14 October 2024
  • Duration: Three (3) weeks
  • Effort per week: Three hours per week (~ 9 hours total for the course)
  • Cost: $250 USD
  • One 90-minute weekly webinar, on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. UK time
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion


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